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Multi Boot Note 3 N9005 with cyanogenmod 13 Marshmallow 6

Multi Boot Note 3 N9005 with cyanogenmod 13 Marshmallow 6

Multi Boot Note 3 N9005

Hai  Friends!! Today I wanna talk about Samsung Note 3 N9005 Dual Boot Patcher ,  advantage of this is you can try any new rom with out loosing or having any kind of trouble with your existing rom. This mod will not change anything in your primary rom, so any time you can go back to your normal state


Requirements :

  • Read the full guide before Starting.

  • Backup your phone if you are doing this first time. (Full Nandroid backup recommended for the new comers and it’s also recommended to others who don’t know what they are doing exactly even if they have multi booted several times)

  • Rooted Note 3 with custom recovery (preferred TWRP or philz).

  • Free space in your internal SD (for example a Cm based roms take up to 1.5GB to 2.5GB.


Disclaimer :

I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,etc.



  • Download your desired Rom which you want to use for multi booting and the mods, gapps,

  • Download the most recent snapshot release of Dual Boot Patcher and install it on your Note 3.

  • Open Dual Boot Patcher and grant SU permission. Then go to ROMS and you will see your Primary rom, press the 3dotmenu key and click "set kernel". If it fail to set kernal please read the FAQ

  • Then second drop down menu select "Data Slot".

  • Below that you have to enter the ID of the secondary rom like 1234

  • Now tap on the below button to choose the ROM's, Gapps, Kernel and mods to patch them and make them perfect for Multi booting

  • Now Boot into custom recovery and flash the new patched file and reboot.

  • And your device will boot into New Rom

  • Install the Dual Boot Patcher app and set the kernel for your second ROM as well.

  • To switch between roms

  • Open Dual Boot Patcher app/roms and click on primary or secondary rom as you like and reboot.

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Downloads :


Cyanogenmod 13 Android 6 Marshmallow Firmware Download Click Here

Dual Boot Patcher Download Click Here

Twrp Boot loader Download Click Here or  img file Click Here

Super SU Download Click Here

MultiBoot Cleaner Click Here





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