Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Runtastic Heart Rate PRO v 2.1Apk

Runtastic Heart Rate PRO v 2.1Apk

Runtastic Heart Rate pro apk

This Version Apk of Runtastic Heart Rate PRO v 2.1 .several Updates available on my site links are below . Runtastic Heart Rate PRO  Apps you can Download From APK7apps.com Directly.

Description: Turn your smartphone into your personal HEART RATE MONITOR - yep, that’s possible!Everyone’s maximum heart rate is different, and also our resting heart rates vary based on our age and training level. Want to know your resting heart rate or find out how fast your heart is beating after a certain fitness activity?  More



  • Unlimited measurements: Determine your heart rate anytime, anywhere & as often as you like

  • Use filters: Filter your measurements according to type (resting HR, pre-& post-workout HR, maximum HR)

  • Graphs to monitor your progress: Monitor how your resting heart rate develops

  • Reminder: Receive automatic notifications for regular HR measurements

  • Etc More…

Apk File Name : Runtastic Heart Rate PRO 

File Size : 13 MB

APK Version : v 2.1

Requires Android: Varies with device

More Information From Google Play Store


Download From Google Drive Click Here




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